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Hey, it’s Neil again, and on behalf of the entire SurvAI Team and myself…I want to welcome you to SurvAI.

Creating quality lead generation surveys is a tedious process and can be a major pain if not done right. There are just too many things to keep track of. And the chances of a tiny mistake causing huge issues are extremely high.

We created SurvAI Unlimited keeping this in mind.

Our SurvAI team made it completely fail-proof. With It’s new-user friendly & intuitive functionality, we made it easy for you not to get confused or overwhelmed!

Before we brought SurvAI to you, we ran several beta runs. We were committed to not cut any corners here.

The beta testing results came back and were very close to astonishing. 

The beta users were pleased, particularly with the ability to use SurvAI in ANY niche or topic. They also liked the overall ease they could now create an essentially new survey to help generate highly qualified leads. And we made sure they were only using SurvAI-generated questions to make sure we had a winner.

Beta users were impressed with the number of people who completed their surveys, even when they were 10 or more questions. And how many were willing to answer even more questions in other niches to further qualify that lead for other niches.

Well, after all that there was only one thing they wanted…MORE of it. They wanted to be able to generate MORE surveys, collect MORE responses, ADD MORE questions to each and every survey, and they thought it would be great to start off with a collection of done for you surveys to hit the ground running even faster. And all that without the hassle of any sort of additional technical knowledge, or limits.

Our Commercial License grants you the privilege of selling your market research survey services for top dollar. And it justifies this demand.

So, here’s what we did…

We pumped in an insane amount of extra money…to upgrade our system and created something EXCLUSIVELY for you:



Take Your Profits To UNLIMITED With… 

UNLIMITED Survey Creation

Ok - this one is a no-brainer, and you ABSOLUTELY need it. Building and maintaining a market research survey business truly requires no limits. So we are giving you the capability to generate all the surveys that you will ever need.

With SurvAI UNLIMITED you now have no limit on how big your market research survey business can grow to.

You are welcome.

Our “No-Limits” Platform Ensures:

You never have to worry about letting clients go because you didn’t grab the UNLIMITED offer at the best price.

You’ll have significantly increased profitability by expanding your reach to niches you never thought possible. Reach that can be converted into attention and sales with no worries.

You can create unlimited surveys for your customers and clients. You won't have to say “sorry, not today” when you want to step out into a new market or try a new approach.

FOUR Years Of DFY Surveys

Honestly, our accountant was against me offering this to you. You see, he wanted us to charge you monthly. But I pushed back and said we are giving them all at once today.

I want you to succeed, even if it costs us.

All these DFY Surveys have been created to help you generate leads, sales and keep customers happy.

We have covered the following niches:

Crypto, Travel, Fitness & Health, Financial Services, Affiliate Marketing, Personal Development

Dating sites, Real Estate, Pets, Gaming, Food, Simple Living, And many others!

Over 200 Done For You Surveys Helps You:

To get started much faster to gain a better understanding of your audience and how you can quickly profit from giving them exactly what they want.

See that ‘The MORE the better’ principle applies perfectly here. You'll be able to generate plenty of leads much faster than putting together your own surveys.

Over 200 Done For You surveys leads to more quality leads, much faster, which leads to more sales…. And more is definitely better when it comes to sales.

UNLIMITED Questions & Responses Per Survey

Within SurvAI Unlimited, you can collect an unlimited number of surveys to help grow your understanding of your clients. 

This will allow you to better target their needs with products and services you generate or ones that you are an affiliate for.

There is a balance that you need to strike on a survey. You need to have enough questions to gather the best information for your business, but not too many so as to scare away the lead. Now you can experiment and get the exact number for each audience you connect with.

And don’t worry what it costs us, we’re happy to help your business grow.

UNLIMITED Questions & Responses will help your leads and customers to:

Be happy that there are plenty of ways to communicate their needs and wants to you through a wide variety of questions.

Leads will feel comfortable answering just the right amount of questions without too much time or effort.

Regular customers will be happy to answer more questions to make sure they get what they want from their favorite vendor: you!

SurvAI Unlimited Helps You Sell MORE And Profit MORE

When you are creating and putting out more lead generation surveys with our UNLIMITED upgrade, you are bound to make more profits.

Combine this with the SurvAI Commercial License you just picked up as a special bonus. Now the ability to generate, collect and ask all you want on your surveys will result in a cash windfall for you.

Imagine the kind of money you can make offering complete, professional UNLIMITED market research surveys.

And in an UNLIMITED number of niches, with over 200 Done For You surveys, collecting an UNLIMITED number of responses from an UNLIMITED number of questions on each survey..

Your Brain, Too!

Not only are we breaking down all the barriers and giving you UNLIMITED pretty much EVERYTHING….we’ve got a new brain for you too….

Our developers have put together a much more powerful, even more human-like AI engine that they were not willing to part with…at first…

But we finally convinced them by agreeing to ONLY give it to our most committed SurvAI users, those who picked up the UNLIMITED Upgrade.

Secret, Enterprise Level Upgrade

Now, keep this to yourself, but we are currently developing a major upgrade to the AI of SurvAI that will, basically, analyze your surveys for you, bringing powerful automation to your lead generation business.

This will be offered as a paid upgrade to SurvAI, when completed, but because we like action takers (like you!), we’ll be giving everyone who upgrades to UNLIMITED access to the Enterprise Upgrade at no additional cost.

But in the meantime, make sure to collect as much data as you can (more surveys, more questions) so that our upgraded AI will have plenty to process to help you better understand the needs of your clients.

Plus, as every other minor or major feature is added to SurvAI you will have immediate access to them. No upgrade fees.

Of course our top notch, highly trained Support Team will be at your beck and call to answer any questions you have.

What I’m offering you on this page is going to allow you to get MORE leads and customers faster, and help you make UNLIMITED profits much faster...

Since you have shown us that you are ready to step up and take your business seriously, these features are all yours for the price at the bottom of this page. Just upgrade to SurvAI UNLIMITED on this page. The reality is that the price for this upgrade and all its features and bonuses will be going up after we close this special launch deal.

This is amazing, right?

And it’s all yours for a LOW price today.

We Are Offering Three Exclusive Bonus ABSOLUTELY FREE When You Upgrade To SurvAI UNLIMITED Today!

With SurvAI UNLIMITED, You Are In The Driver’s Seat

I am sure you already know this. The costs of offering UNLIMITED surveys, FOUR years of Done For You surveys, UNLIMITED collection of responses and UNLIMITED questions per survey is VERY high for us.

We had to create this software to scale, which cost us a lot of money and will continue to do so.

Keeping that in mind, we can ONLY offer SurvAI UNLIMITED at $197 per year for an extremely limited period.

This has been heavily discounted from the regular $497 per year.

Remember, as a new SurvAI member; you get to avail yourself of this offer ONLY today. Being an action-takermyself, I respect that in marketers and entrepreneurs.

This offer is especially being made to the new SurvAI members to serve as a reward for taking action today.

If you let this offer pass you by and later decide to get it…you will have to pay $497 per year.

THIS is your one & only chance to get access to SurvAI UNLIMITED at a discounted price.

So click below to upgrade your SurvAI account automatically.





Try SurvAI Unlimited Completely Risk-Free

Keep Pushing Forward, You’re Completely Protected With Our 14 Day Money-Back Guarantee

We are backing SurvAI Unlimited as the most user-friendly unlimited upgrade because we have used it ourselves and have seen the results.

But we want to be 100% fair with you. So, we are going to ask you to ONLY give SurvAI Unlimited a try for 14 days. Use the AI to generate a few questions, collect some survey results and target the respondents with the right offer.

You can even make some profit.

And if at any time during this period, you feel that SurvAI Unlimited doesn’t meet your expectations somehow…

… just drop us a message at the Support Desk and get your full refund processed instantly.

P.S. And yes, you get to keep all the money you would have made thus far.


Q. Is there a monthly fee? A. 

SurvAI UNLIMITED is currently being offered for no monthly fees only through this deal. You’ll get full access to everything you see here today for a low annual fee as listed in the pricing table above.

Q. Is there a Money Back Guarantee Policy? A. 

Yes! As you can see on our page, we have a 14-day money back guarantee. Just contact us and we’ll refund your money instantly.

Q. Can I come back later and decide? A. 

This is a one-time-offer so there is no guarantee it will be here later. Plus, we have to increase the price every few hours to be fair to those action takers who grabbed early access to SurvAI UNLIMITED.

Every effort has been made to accurately represent our product and it’s potential. Any claims made of actual earnings or examples of actual results can be verified upon request. The testimonials and examples used are exceptional results, and don’t apply to the average purchaser. They are not intended to represent or guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results. Each individual’s success depends on his or her background, dedication, desire and motivation. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee that you will earn any money.

By making a purchase on this website, you agree to abide by all our policies and will not be misusing our product(s) for any wrongful purposes.


Customer List Builder 

Valued at $97

The money is in the list. This is always what successful internet marketers are saying if you want to ask their effective tips. Well, it is indeed true but if you are used to it, you might find it hard to do.

The good news is that this simple 'set and go' system links directly with the popular Paypal payment service, automatically adding your customer details as soon as they pay!


Squeeze Page Generator 

Valued at $47

Imagine being able to get a good night's sleep for the first time in ages. Put an end to Marketers' Insomnia for good! How would you like to make those dreams a reality? In just 2 minutes? Personalization grabs attention. If someone calls your name, you immediately turn to find out why. So, Personalization and Persistence are the key elements of excellent marketing.


The Amazing Banner

Valued at $97

Discover The Innovative Banner Software That Will Force You to Stop Making Excuses and Begin Creating Banners Better Than the Pros - Sales Are Far Better Than Excuses Anyway! Now Get Your Banner Done In Three Steps!

  • Access to All Features of SurvAI
  • All Upgrades of SurvAI
  • Knowledge base
  • Access to All Bonuses
  • Access to Exclusive Bonuses

Rebrand Your Surveys

This will make your surveys more credible with your audience and elevate your brand. You can rebrand the domain and use your own logo on the surveys with this feature. Your audience will now see YOUR branding when they visit the survey if you have your own domain. You can reinforce your brand and build a loyal following with your logo.






  • UNLIMITED Number Of Surveys
  • UPGRADED AI Engine (Better Brain!)
  • UNLIMITED Collection of Survey Responses
  • Create Rebrandable Surveys
  • UNLIMITED Questions Per Survey
  • 208 Done For You Surveys
  • Premium Support Team Access

Fast Action Bonuses:

  • BONUS 1: Customer Builder
  • BONUS 2: Squeeze Page Generator 
  • BONUS 3: The Amazing Banner

Make Your Income Potential Unlimited With SurvAI UNLIMITED